Dubravko Robić

Composer, producer and sound designer

Robson studio has been offering its services since 1999. In 2018, it relocated to an appealing location in the center of Zagreb.

The studio is run by composer, producer and sound designer Dubravko Robić. For many years he has been collaborating with many marketing agencies, production houses, directors, singers and actors on projects which include almost all forms where authorial music and sound design are necessary - from feature films to sonic logos.

He composed authorial scores for numerous shows, films and over 200 advertisements, released a couple of albums, participated as a music coach for film actors and is a two-time Judgment Day marketing award winner for best music in a TV commercial.

In 2007 he graduated from the SAE Institute (School of Audio Engineering), an international school specialized for education in the field of audio-visual media.

In addition to working in his own studio, Dubravko gained experience during the 12 years he spent as a audio engineer at Croatian Radio, where he collaborated with numerous musicians, orchestras and actors, recording and mixing various projects - songs, concerts, radio-dramas.

In his own words, he “turned a hobby into a job and a studio into a living room”. Therefore, when a director asks for a “chilling horror theme played on a tamburica” or a client orders a “song that will be sang by 60 amateurs at once” or an agency asks for a “song in which the chorus is made up of cats meowing” - anything can be done. 🙂


You want to meet Dubravko and use his creative and production skills? Send him a message. He will get back to you lickety-split. Right after he designs the sound of autumn rain gently falling on a window.


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