Audio recording, production, post-production, musical composing, tone processing, sound design...

If you are on this page, you are probably in need of one of our services. If you are not completely sure what that service is, but you know that we are the people for the job, here is a short glossary for you to help you with your order. 🙂

Audio recording, production and post-production include recording of vocals and instruments for various purposes, as well as mixing, mastering and preparing sound for TV broadcasting, cinema, automated answering services or any other channel you can think of.

Our specialty is musical composing. If you have an advertisement, show, animated, feature or documentary film, intro, jingle, video game, app or something for which you need a musical background, you are at the right place. Additionally, if you require lyrics or professional singers, musicians or actors - we will gladly recommend our excellent colleagues who know and love their job.

Sound design is creating, recording, processing and mixing sounds and sound effects intended for a specific format and medium. Over the course of 20 years, we have designed sounds for hundreds of advertisements and short formats.

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